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We play to achieve our goals, but with a smile on our face. Whether that is in the form of progression raiding, competitive PvP or simply who can get the most hammered at a RL meet, we like to hit our targets. [read more]


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GarrettApparently there will be an offer with the Warcraft movie to get all the expansions and a free month of game time for free with your ticket. It's confirmed that it's actually legit, so that seems pretty amazing of Blizzard.
Araxom's comment from discussion "Just got a survey from Bli...
Although it's always a good idea to be wary of [phishing...
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AmintaSoo, who wants one :)
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Ashleya   Meeeeeeeeeeee!
GeckoOBacPre-load for XCOM 2 is up! Just 2 more days 'till we take back Earth!
Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: XCOM 2
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GeckoOBac   Actually, it's slightly over 1 day apparently, unlock is at 11 pm GMT tomorrow.
GeckoOBac   Also, 24.5 GiB, get downloading peeps!
Calaristo   And as per The Division thread Gecko, no hacking or cheating! :p
HelmNeed for Speed: Most Wanted is currently the on the house game - I think I've played it ages ago and it was pretty good :)
On the House - Download Free PC Games | Origin Games
With On the House you can download free games on Origin. Play full games, expansions and more for free! Discover new games and try Origin today.
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Stacksamus   Ty
Get Fractured Space MOBA Free This Weekend - IGN
Get it now, keep it forever. Edge Case Games has announced that its MOBA Fractured Space will be free on Steam this weekend. Fractured Space has been in Early Access since November...
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Aminta   uploaded 2 images to Mintie's
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AmintaBlack Desert Online
So for those that are interested, With the imminent release of BDO in the EU/NA they have released a Character Creation App for free, so you can create your character ready for the release.
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Jin Shepard   Wait wut, if I want to play the class of a ranger I can't be a dude? :(
Aminta   Yea, the rest of the world version is F2P weak mobs, Low Exp, So a grind Feast.
The NA/EU version is B2P with harder Mobs & more Exp so less of a grind.
They are adding more classes so that "MOST" classes will have a Male/Female counterpart, (Warrior/Valkure, Wizard/Witch, Ninja/Kunoichi(Upcoming classes)
The Gender-locked characters was done to increase the speed of the combat.

You can still do a fair bit to the Characters the warrior does not have to be young.
Zantium   In the strange but true category, but yes. Male: Warrior, Beserker, Wizard. Female: Ranger, Sorceress, Tamer, Valkyrie, Witch.

Wizard and Witch are the only two characters which are the same but with a gender option.

Each class uses 1 model, to which tweaks can be made to make your own variation but e.g. all Tamers are based on the Tamer model.

The character creator itself is really good, if you had free choice of all 8 models then it would be near perfect but instead it's gone a bit of a strange direction. You can still make a lot of variations, but the first 3 things I thought of, I couldn't make. :(
Beldak   registered to Light Knights Gaming Community
GeckoOBacNot exactly recent but it completely went under my radar... I fell in love with a piece of hardware (and I was already liking the Steam Controller a lot), and it was at first sight too!
Mad Catz shows off its dedicated Star Citizen HOTAS controll...
9:38 AM on October 16, 2015 Star Citizen is a big enough project to have its own conventions. Last week, Chris Roberts showed off a few portions of Star Citizen gameplay at the apt...
Zantium   Actually that looks pretty decent and useful.

I have a hotas but wanted to use a mix of mouse and controller (and voice) so I ended up building my own to use in VR where I can't see the keyboard. I just need to make the lid to hide the electronics then I'll post up some pics.

Using mine in E:D at the moment.
GeckoOBac   E:D has a rather simpler physics model however. One thing that is not immediately apparent on that set is that both throttle and stick have an integrated trackball which means you can forget about the mouse and, most importantly, since in star citizen the gimballed weapons are NOT auto aiming, it means you can use that to trim your aim while still maneuvering the fixed weapons on target.
GeckoOBacSorry for the repost but since the official site is backup, it deserves its own link. Pretty pictures too!
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
Take control of fleets occupying both land and air - from nimble light attack vehicles to massive heavyweight cruisers - and harness the abilities of your forces to conquer the des...
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