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The Light Knights is a community built upon the ethos that gaming should be fun. Whether you like to game 5 hours a week or 50, have a family, work long hours or simply spend all your time gaming- if you want to chill our while gaming and meet like minded social gamers then... [read more]


We play to achieve our goals, but with a smile on our face. Whether that is in the form of progression raiding, competitive PvP or simply who can get the most hammered at a RL meet, we like to hit our targets. [read more]


Providing our members with an active website, vibrant VOIP enviroment, Steam group, stable guilds within the games we play and many more new media features. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the complete gaming community package... [read more]

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MarleighWTF did i just watch
LADYBABY「ニッポン饅頭」Music Clip
2015.7.29 ON SALES LADYBABY 1st Single 『ニッポン饅頭 / ULTRA☆LUCKY...
Coop   FUDGE !
vendettax   duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr
Coop   (( Possibly the most disturbing mash-up I've ever heard !!! )) ... although I did notice a sneaky Utinni at 2:17
LoreyaI lol'd
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Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Closed Alpha - Star Wars - Official ...
Apply for your chance to join the Closed Alpha and help us prepare for the release of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ starting on November 17, 2015 in North America. Available for Origin o...
Helm   I got in too - so seems the UK is eligible but not the rest of Europe - unless someone out there knows different
Bloodtrax   I am installing it now. How is it running for you Helm and what kind of system are you running it on?
Helm   Seems to run okay - but I've only looked at the Single Player/Co-op mission rather than the up to 40 people Multiplayer one. As for system I have an old(ish) i7, 12Gig RAM, and R9 270X gfx card
NermyAnd it gets worse...
Coop No No No ... and just plain NO ! presents: abc rides TOURBILLON testrides (june...
abc rides: TOURBILLON testrides (june 2015) Artikellink: htt...
Helm   Finally!! Science and Engineering combine to do something useful :)

Looks AWESOME!! :)
Zantium   Scary, by 0:50 all but one of them has fallen out. :)
Coop WOW - That is some zoom level !! - check out the plane vid further down the page too ...
The zoom on this camera is so powerful you can see the MOON ...
How powerful is an 83x optical zoom lens? Answer: so powerful you can actually see the moon moving while standing on the surface of the Earth. Photographers have been going wild wi...
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Berylia   Impressive !
Coop   OK so now I'm even more surprised... I was expecting this to be a D-SLR in the £10k and up...
it is £500 ! ! !
NermyStart collecting your bottle tops!
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NermyFew extras for LoTRO.... Not enough to bring me back I'm afraid.
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Berylia   Aye me neither Nerm. I tried to get back into it recently but I just find it soooo boring. Too easy, too much of a solo game, and no raids of course.
NermyBatman has been pulled now... that is not good.
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Denerim   Hopefully, when it reappears, it will be a working eye-candy :)
NermyI'm gonna wait for release...
Be the first to experience Tom Clancy's The Division!
In the Tom Clancy's The Division Beta, you will be one of the first to play the revolutionary next-gen experience that brings the RPG into a modern military setting for the first t...
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Soup   i am keeping my eye on this game... but i dont get it why should i pre-order to be able to participate in beta? pay to be beta tester? how times have changed :)
Helm   to be fair getting guaranteed beta access for pre-ordering games has been going on for at least 5-6 years (probably longer - but I know STO did this) - plus it's not like you have to pre-order to sign up for the Beta ... you can just sign-up and hope you get in.

I've signed up cos I think the game seems interesting plus I'd like to have a chance of finding out how good (or otherwise) the game is without spending a penny on it ... oh yeah and if ubisoft are checking up on me I'd also like to help improve the game (and all that BS too) :)
NermyThis actually has to be seen to be believed. The last pic actually looks shopped....
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Soup   skyrim had quite awful UI but give witcher 3 a chance... it does give you heart attack when you start playing it... but after a while you dont even look for it... i got everything on hotkey and just look around the world most of the time... only part of UI i really need is minimap... trust me game is worth a shot!
Marleigh   It all depends on the quality of the people making the port. Shadow Of Mordor and Wolfenstein New Order are examples of great ports. If people continue to pre order then publishers will continue to out crap.
Zantium   @Bery I can't see what's remotely console like about W3's interface? It's similar to previous non console Witchers, works fine under keyboard and mouse and is scaleable and configurable for PC.
Shaping up to be one of my all time favorites.
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