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December 2017
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ParamedicAlmost 8 minutes of brilliance. The new Death Stranding trailer!
Death Stranding Game Awards 2017 Trailer
Get a deeper look at Kojima Studios' mysterious sci-fi open-...
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AMTHERION   Wow... ive no idea what that was all about... but it looks very cool! lol
Zantium   That was quite interesting, in a weird confusing kind of way!
Paramedic   Welcome to the world of Kojima <3 Also, the game features Guillermo del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen and ofcourse Norman Reedus.
NermyGreat article.
Meet World of Warcraft's most notorious ganker
World of Warcraft is a game characterized by larger than life characters. Sargeras, Velen, Sylvanas-the list of its heroes and villains goes on and on. But for a game about players...
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AMTHERIONexceeding 10 million players now... might be worth another looksee?? the LK guild is very very quiet!! lol
The Elder Scrolls Online is running a week-long free trial
Christmas is rapidly approaching and that means cold weather, unbearably busy shops and lots of spending money. Anything free, indoors and relaxing should be seized, upon which is ...
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Berylia   Drinks are on Helm then !!!
AMTHERION   lmao@helm!!
AMTHERION   thats about £120 worth of crowns if you bought them from the crown store!!
Microsoft Offers Flight Unlimited 2K16 for FREE Until Nov. 2...
Ron Perillo / 1 day ago The month of November brings several huge sale discounts but it also brings in several free games. The latest is Microsoft offering Flight Unlimited 2K16 fo...
AMTHERION   Unfortunate thats its not even worth the time to download. Terrible game, and a real shame cos I love decent flight sim!
Stacksamus   I would love to see a modern day crimson skies. It was fun without having to learn 101 controls :)
NermyAnother vid of my ESO guilds escapades wiping AD and DC in Cyrodiil. RAWR!! Blood for the PACT!!
Wabba Run
The Wabbajack PvP EU EP guild, ESO, Elder Scrolls Online, Cy...
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BloodtraxNow it begins. If this goes through it could kill off free to play games. Thanks EA/Blizzard/Activision/Ubisoft and so on.....
Belgium says loot boxes are gambling, wants them banned in E...
Last week, Belgium's Gaming Commission announced that it had launched an investigation into whether the loot boxes available for purchase in games like Overwatch and Star Wars Batt...
Bloodtrax   Banned for minors could be good enough. None of the big labels will want to have to put a 18+ restriction on their games. Could be even 21+ in the states. Thats a huge market they would be losing out on. Again that could also be devastating for F2P models. Granted as Zantium stated their are always other ways to do it. But for some free to play games that cannot keep making cosmetic assets over and over to stay in business it could still be tough. A loot box with a 0.1% chance of a rare cosmetic item would generate a heck of a lot more income than a one off payment for the same item.
Nermy   ESO already has a 18+ restriction. I think it may cause more issues in countries that don't allow gambling unless there is an element of skill involved. There's a huge discussion going on about it on the ESO forums.
Bloodtrax   Battlefront 2 is also 16+ but that would get bumped up and reduce sales some what. Germany and Australia already have huge restrictions on the types of games that can be sold there. They would probably be the first countries to outlaw this stuff entirely. EA and the likes will just revert back to season passes and what not. Its the free to play games that will have to change or die. I am half expecting EA to just remove all Micro Transactions for BF2 and slap on a season pass soon. They said there will not be any paid DLC for BF2, everyone will get everything. They thought loot boxes would make them more money. So it would not be beyond them to scrap the loot boxes and then release a season pass.
AMTHERIONWith all the hype about money grabbing bastard game publishers ( IE Battlefront 2) its a relief to hear that CD Projekt will be making sure their upcoming title will be all game and no micro-trans!
CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be 'No Bullshit' Sto...
The Polish game studio tweeted earlier today that its upcoming scifi game would be "nothing less than" The Witcher 3. The statement was aimed at quelling fears Cyberpunk 2077 might...
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Jin Shepard   Yea its great to see at least one have faith in their players to just buy and enjoy rather then get greedy and leech, but it wont be enough to change the current scene that is been building up for years.
Zantium   It's good to hear, I have a lot of love for CDPR. The W3 base game had a huge amount of high quality content and the paid DLCs were great value - I'd have gladly given them money for several more.

Monetization done right, not cut or withheld from original release and then sold later for extortionate amounts.
AMTHERION   I agree... W3 was without doubt the best SP RPG Ive ever played.. and the best value! CDPR have proven themselves to be extremely fair on monitisation and also EXCELLENT at making great SP RPG's!
AMTHERIONLOOking Shiny!!! :d
Star Citizen | CitizenCon 2017 Gameplay Demo
My Gameplay Cut of the Star Citizen CitizenCon 2017 Keynote ...
AMTHERIONmeanwhile in DAYZ....

The zombies have a circle jerk round Kevs dead body.. while I watch from on top of a police station!
kev2073   I asked for help, I begged ! all I got was laughter........ was a excellent night though :)
AMTHERION   you wanna fire off 20 loud rounds in the centre of a town in DAYZ then be my guest,, but dont expect me to whale in with a pickaxe, we woulda both been in the circle of death! lol
NermyA wee video of one of my ESO guild's latest escapadees. The title refers to one of our main enemies who dies a lot in the video... He died a lot more but you only see 3 deaths I think... ;)
Die Big Boss
PvP ESO. Cyrodiil, Wabbajack
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Paramedic   There will be some downtime between Antorus and the next wow expansion. Will give ESO (another) try then :)
AMTHERION   Cool! I think it needs a full level toon to really appreciate the game, but still fun at all levels.
Paramedic   Why are you trying to kill Big Boss? He need not be harmed. I love BB!
Battle for Azeroth - Home - WoW
A new chapter of the epic Warcraft saga is coming. Discover what the future holds for World of Warcraft including brand-new features, gameplay, story, and more!
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vendettax   Excited as hell for this and also WOW Classic is gonna be epic
jezzajames   registered to Light Knights Gaming Community
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