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Let's face it. We all play games for fun, enjoyment and to relax, but there has to be an end-game feeling to it all. Something to test our mettle. In the Light Knights community we like the fun and games, but we also like to achieve!

It can be downing a raid boss we've been banging our heads against for weeks, refining our tactics and everyone's jobs. Or it can be PvPing in the various MMOs we play. Storming maps in BF3 or TF2 and working as a unit with communication, tactics and skill.

It's the sense of achievement that brings us closer as a community and reinforces our gaming bonds. We enjoy finding out if we're worthy. And if we're not, we go away and lick our wounds, only to be back in there the next week, with our game faces on and ready to rock!

It's how we roll...