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How Activision Uses Matchmaking Tricks to Sell In-Game Items
Activision was granted a patent this month for a system it uses to convince people in multiplayer games to purchase items for a game through microtransactions. The "System and meth...
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Paramedic   Welcome both and rest assured Sun, this is a Gnome friendly zone!
Garrett   No it isn't. No gnomes allowed!
Paramedic   Ignore Garrett, he once dated a gnome and found out the gnome was taller them him! :d
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Games Done Wrongish
Coming Friday September 15, 2017! 9.00 am GMT+1
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BloodtraxGood morning everyone!
My Youtube channel is now open to the public. To get the channel off the ground I would really appreciate it if all of you could visit the link below, click like and subscribe to the channel. Thank you!
Introduction and Top 5 Free to play Xbox One Games
This is the introduction/pilot video for this channel. Where...
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Paramedic   You could always make an asmr channel if it fails (but hopefully not) :)
NermyWhat do peeps think?
Your number one subscription service for PC gaming | Utomik
Play as many games as you like from our growing library - and play them without waiting. Start your free trial now and enjoy the benefits of this pc gaming service!
Zantium   I dunno, the games I can see (48 of supposedly 605) are either back catalog or small indies. That said, I bet there's still quite a lot of value in a £4.49 a month subscription, it's not a lot of money and possibly the biggest benefit is that you can try games easily and move on if it's not for you.

There must be at least a few months worth of play in there for anyone.
Marleigh   It's not a service for people with decent PCs who want to play fairly modern popular games, 80-90% is the sort of stuff you find selling for pennies on various bundle site

What all pirates should do!
Growing Pains
A World of Warcraft based webcomic about Gnomes, engineering, raids, clones, sadness, self hatred, and some mild psychopathy.
Ayann   Neverrrrrr.
NermySign up for Beta!
Skull and bones
Skull and Bones / Official Page
NermyHolodeck anyone?
Could free-roaming, multi-player take VR to next level? - BB...
Zero Latency uses technology that allows players free-roaming while they are playing their games.
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Nermy   Had a go on my mate's son's Occulus rift yesterday... unbelievable! Really good.
ZantiumWell, that there Dream Dad dating game Nermy mentioned made it to number 2 in the steam charts this week. Not one for my wishlist but I'm happy to see something different in the charts at least, clearly there a market for it.
Steam Charts: Fresh Meat
Children, gather round, for I have a tale to tell. A tale of wonder, intrigue, mystery and astonishment! Are we ready? Let me begin. "Once upon a time there was a week when the Ste...
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BloodtraxThe LK WoW raiding team took on the timewalking version of Black Temple last week. The outcome is below. Spoilers, we won!
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BloodtraxThe LK WoW raiding team are at it again. We are currently 8/9 on Normal Tomb of Sargeras. That was last week. This week we are 7/9 so far. The videos are in the playlist below, I hope to add the last 2 fights to them soon enough :)
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Accounts and the TSW Legacy Transfer system - Secret World L...
The TSW Legacy Transfer system is only available to those of you with an existing account in The Secret World. It allows you to: Copy any remaining TSW Membership time into active ...
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