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ParamedicDoing Light Knights proud! LK is now represented 9 times as #1 in worldranking by item level. Six times in LFR (DPS) and 3 times in heroicmode (Heals). And a big Na Na Na Naaaa Naa to those Thermal Void ( 'best' Talentchoice) elitists who look down on Glacial Spike (far more interesting talentchoice). It's a good day for LK and GS users!
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Ayann   You little log hogger <3
Paramedic   To log or not to log, that's the question!
Garrett   Based on yesterday, sometimes it's definitely not to log :p
Fractal   added 30 Ultimate days to Light Knights Gaming Community
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Stacksamus   added 30 Ultimate days to Light Knights Gaming Community
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This player soloed a boss in WoW: Legion's last raid and it ...
In World of Warcraft, players are often willing to go to extremes just to say they've done it. Some might spend all their time grinding out hard to get achievements while others wi...
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Garrett   Eh not all that impressive, that boss is pretty much tank and spank. Soloing a boss later in the raid where you need to teleport around and everything was much more impressive. [link]
Berylia   Leeeerrrrooooooyyyyy !!!
CoopBeen a while I know but finally getting back into gear. I've also renewed the domain for another 12 months so Light-Knights is here to stay :)
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AMTHERION   WB Coops :) nice to see you!
HelmerHave you seen this? It's the first take for the classic Leeroy Jenkins video. And yes, it was staged. :)
Leeroy Jenkins First Take/Dry Run (NEW)
I am releasing this never-before-seen first take/dry run of ...
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Helmer   [link]
AMTHERION   "Goddammit Leeroy!".. lolz
New Year Christmas GIF by Hallmark eCards - Find & Share on ...
Hallmark eCards: when you care enough to GIF the very best!
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AMTHERIONget your steam link for £3.99!! normally 39.99 total bargain!!
Save 90% on Steam Link on Steam
Play your Steam games on any TV in the house with Steam Link. Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any comp...
Zantium   I got one a few months ago when they were even cheaper, only used it so far for watching Steam films/videos on the TV but it's good for that too.
AMTHERION   Yeh i like it though u need a decent home network for proper gaming. Just got a new samsung 4k tv though and it has steam link installed!
Zantium   I'm sure it's the same rule as anything else latency sensitive, if you can use a wired network, you should.
ParamedicMerry christmas and happy holidays everyone
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Ayann   Have a nice Christmas guys :)
Denerim   Merry Christmas to you all :)
Nermy   Have a good one peeps!!
AMTHERIONESO gets best MMO of 2017 and Overwatch gets competitive game of the year! (I think it should have been BF1 but heyho)
The GameSpace Game of the Year Awards -
As we near the end of what could be considered the greatest year in gaming history (can you think of another year with so many quality AAA and Indie titles alike), it's time to han...
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GarrettA little something to get in the right atmosphere!
Winter Veil Christmas Music - World of Warcraft Legion
The music played at the Winter Veil festivities in Ironforge...
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Paramedic   Hot chocolate with whipped cream works too
ParamedicAlmost 8 minutes of brilliance. The new Death Stranding trailer!
Death Stranding Game Awards 2017 Trailer
Get a deeper look at Kojima Studios' mysterious sci-fi open-...
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AMTHERION   Wow... ive no idea what that was all about... but it looks very cool! lol
Zantium   That was quite interesting, in a weird confusing kind of way!
Paramedic   Welcome to the world of Kojima <3 Also, the game features Guillermo del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen and ofcourse Norman Reedus.
NermyGreat article.
Meet World of Warcraft's most notorious ganker
World of Warcraft is a game characterized by larger than life characters. Sargeras, Velen, Sylvanas-the list of its heroes and villains goes on and on. But for a game about players...
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AMTHERIONexceeding 10 million players now... might be worth another looksee?? the LK guild is very very quiet!! lol
The Elder Scrolls Online is running a week-long free trial
Christmas is rapidly approaching and that means cold weather, unbearably busy shops and lots of spending money. Anything free, indoors and relaxing should be seized, upon which is ...
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Berylia   Drinks are on Helm then !!!
AMTHERION   lmao@helm!!
AMTHERION   thats about £120 worth of crowns if you bought them from the crown store!!
Microsoft Offers Flight Unlimited 2K16 for FREE Until Nov. 2...
Ron Perillo / 1 day ago The month of November brings several huge sale discounts but it also brings in several free games. The latest is Microsoft offering Flight Unlimited 2K16 fo...
AMTHERION   Unfortunate thats its not even worth the time to download. Terrible game, and a real shame cos I love decent flight sim!
Stacksamus   I would love to see a modern day crimson skies. It was fun without having to learn 101 controls :)
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