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User Interfaces

Please find below some custom UIs shared by members of the LK SWTOR guilds. Feel free to download and use. 

Contributer: Oane
Role: Tank/DPS
download link

Contributer: Soup
Role: Tank/DPS
download link
Contributer: Soup
Role: Healer
download link
*click screenshots for full resolution image*

Locating, Installing and Using Customized UI Layouts

SWTOR custom user interfaces are stored as .xml files which can be found in the follow location:

If you are on Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
C:Users< Username >AppDataLocalSWTORswtorsettingsGUIProfiles

If you are still on Windows XP the path is slightly different, it's:
C:Documents and Settings<user name>Local SettingsApplication DataSWTORswtorsettingsGUIProfile