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About The LK Brewery

A unique feature of the Light Knights gaming community is or very own Brewery! The Light Knights Brewery was estabilshed in January 2011 when Aethewyn bought Oane a Youngs Home Brew Kit for Christmas! Being the gentlemen that he is, Oane could think of nothing better than to use his new found Brewmaster abilities to benefit his community brethren.

The LK Brewery brews all manor of Ales and Lagers, often for consumption during our many RL events. Ofcourse our brews are not be sold; simply consumed responsibly by members of the Light Knights community who are legally allowed to consume alcohol (within the UK).
This page will be updated as the power of the LK Brewery spreads. There will even be some 'action' shots of members of the community partaking of our brews... oh its going to be messy! If you would like to know more about the LK Brewery or any other aspect of our community please make a post in our public forum.


Brewing & Equipement Information

The LK Brewery currently operates a singular fermentation vessel and this is guarded 24 hours a day by Murgle the Murloc, Ale Guardian. The brews, aided by a 'Brew Belt' to assist with achieving perfect brewing temperature, initially ferments for about 7 days before being transferred to a sealed and pressurised keg for the secondary fermentation. This stage will take at least 2-3 weeks but the longer the beer is left to mature, the smoother the taste.

Equipement used: