LK Games FAQ

Welcome to the Light Knights Community GamesFAQ. Please use the links below to jump to specific questions/areas.


The LK play many games together. We have active divisions in Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, Star Trek Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, The Secret World, World of Tanks & World Of Warcraft but also spend time sampling as many other games as possible. Members of the community regularly play Left4Dead, Team Fortress 2, Online Poker and as many other games as we can get our hands on.

Battlefield 3
We have our own BF3 server which can be found here 

Guild Wars 2
Aurora Glade

Lord of the Rings Online
EN Snowbourn


Star Wars The Old Republic
EU The Red Eclipse

The Secret World 
Cerberus - but it does not matter what sever you are on in pve you can use the "meetup" function to join up with us.

World of Warcraft
EU Hellscream

Any member will be happy to help you out but if you need to chat to an Officer you can contact:

Battlefield 3

Guild Wars 2
Aethewyn (Aethewyn.7489)
Calaristo (Calaristo.1846)
Megajamie (MegaJamie.3594)

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic Republic
Garrett (characters - Garrett, Garrion, Darrion)
Oane (characters - Oane, Gene, Neinor)
GeckoOBac (characters - Gecko, Syed)
Ainlasha (characters - Ainlasha, Bol'Tarabib, Dor'reemma)
Ultessia ( characters - Ultessia)

Sith Empire
Dagnarr (characters - Blade'Dancer, Tel'pentor, Vogue)
Leyne (character - Ayann)
Spyte (character - Spyte)
Revin (character - Revin)

The Secret World
Nerm (character - Nerm)
Meldir (character - Soulfull)

World of Warcraft
Menesha (characters - Menesha, Cabbagepatch, Blutac, Strepsil)
Narvia (characters - Narvia)
Vendettax (characters - Vendettax, Dashing)
Oane(characters - Neinor, Laenna, Oane)

Whilst we are primarily a PC gaming community, there are lots of members within our community who also own consoles and we encourage our members to organise any gaming events- whether PC or console based.