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The LK is a gaming-community which came about when a group of friends had a compulsion to hang out, play games together and have fun. It was created in November 2009 in LoTRO with the creation of the Light knight's Kin and has consistently grown since then.

We stand for many things: fun, friendship, banter, achievement... all done with a smile on our face and a beer in hand. 

The LK is home to many different people from different cultures with different lives. The one thing that brings us together (Ok, maybe two...) are games and having FUN while we play.

The chance to play all sorts of games with people you know, like and trust. (Believe me this is vital in games like  DAYZ.) To have a laugh and most of all, and I think this is something a lot of people don't think about, somewhere to chill with friends, game and have FUN! (That word again... It's how we roll.)

To join the LK community please submit an application here. Be sure to include as much information on your application as possible.

We do not ask anything of our members other than you are respectful and follow our basic community guidelines and that you are 18 years old or over. 

Website accounts are created when completing an application form. Please visit the recruitment homepage and fill in an application to join the community. If you are signing up without a specific game in mind then select Mulit-Gaming on the application form.

Once you have submitted an application you will receive an activation email from the LK community. Follow the included link to verify your email and activate your account.

An Officer will contact you in game directly and invite to your chosen guild once an application has been submitted. Also, once you have registered on the website (by completing and application form), you will receive a pop up announcement on your first visit to the website. This announcement contains lots of important information and specifically the names of LK officers within each game we play.  If you wish to speed up the induction into a guild please use this to contact an officer directly.

If you have forgotten your username please follow the link on the login dialog box.

If you have forgotten your password please follow the link on the login dialog box.

Passwords (and emails) can be changed in your account settings.

Please notify the community by emailing us directly at and also submit a support ticket with enjin here.

One of the best ways to protect your account is to ensure that you have regularly updated security software installed on your computer. We would also recommend that you are as vigilant and protective of your account information as possible. It is advisable not to use the same password for your Light Knights Gaming Community account as the one you use for your email account. Please also avoid giving your password to anyone else, even if you are sure you can trust that person with the information.

Please contact the Light Knights Community support here.

The LK website is built on the Enjin platform. As such, when there is an issue or problem with the website, it is best to direct any query to Enjin directly. The Enjin Forums here and are a great place to start searching for established problems. Alternatively you can contact Enjin support directly here.