Welcome to the Light Knights Community Fund FAQ. Please use the links below to jump to specific questions/areas.

LK Fund

The LK have a small community fund that is used to pay for things for our community, such as game servers, our website, TeamSpeak and to provide us with the means to run competitions.

Put simply- running a community with the scope and vision of the LK costs money. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a non profit organisation for the benefit of all our members.

No, being part of the LK community will never have a financial requirement.

There are many ways to donate to the fund. You can pay through PayPal ( You can also set-up a Direct Debit or make a direct payment here. (Link to bank a/c details) The LK is a non- profit organisation and any donations go directly back into the community. We do ask that members only donate about £25 (sterling) a year as we feel this is quite reasonable. (You'll have to work out what that is in $ or Euros because of exchange rates) 

You can add to the LK coffers by using the Amazon links located throughout our website or visiting the LK shop. (http://light-

We are always interested in help with graphic designing, web designing, forum help or in-game help through being an officer or raid leader. Or simply crafting health pots for the guild bank, it all helps and it very appreciated.

Simply use the links provided and then browse Amazon as you would normally. Its that simple. If you wish to check your purchase(s) to ensure that they have been included on the LK account please contact a Community Officer as they can check.