LK Community Overview FAQ

Welcome to the Light Knights Community Overview FAQ. Please use the links below to jump to specific questions/areas.

LK Overview

The LK is a gaming-community which came about when a group of friends had a compulsion to hang out, play games together and have fun. It was created in November 2009 in LoTRO with the creation of the Light knight's Kin and has consistently grown since then.

We stand for many things: fun, friendship, banter, achievement... all done with a smile on our face and a beer in hand. 

The LK is home to many different people from different cultures with different lives. The one thing that brings us together (Ok, maybe two...) are games and having FUN while we play. 

The chance to play all sorts of games with people you know, like and trust. (Believe me this is vital in games like  DAYZ.) To have a laugh and most of all, and I think this is something a lot of people don't think about, somewhere to chill with friends, game and have FUN! (That word again... It's how we roll.)