Community/Game Policies
It is our goal to make being part of the Light Knights Gaming Community as enjoyable an experience as possible for all our members. However, we do understand that problems can occur that may disrupt your community experience.

In cases where a problem exists when a member of the community has made a genuine mistake, we will do all we can to assist and ensure the incident has as little impact on your community experience as possible.

However, some issues can be more complex than others, and at times we may be unable to assist all players by resolving their issue right away. In these cases, we ask for your patience and understanding while interacting with the LKModbot.

Maintaining a friendly and fair playing environment in the Light Knights Gaming Community is extremely important to us. In an effort to achieve this, we have our 'Rulebook' (  which govern certain aspects of player behavior within our games.

Our Rulebook include, but are not limited to, guidelines on in-game harassment, offensive behavior, as well as the use of intentional exploitation of bugs or design flaws in the games we play. All players must agree to our guidelines in order to become a members of the Light Knights Gaming Community and any member found to be in violation of them may have action taken against them.