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Game Characters


A good question and one which only you can answer. We have sections for all the games we play, books, music, films and other stuff like cooking and our forums are divided into various logical sections (listed below). We have forums/sub forums set up to cover off most topics so please spend a bit of time looking through the forum listing before creating any threads.
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  • First Person Shooters
  • Role Playing Games
  • MMOs
  • Community Created Content
  • Community Support
  • LK Organisation dicussion

There's this thread for community ideas. ( The community ideas thread.

Click on your name anywhere in the forums and it'll take you to your member page. Then hit the character page. You can set-up characters for all the games we play.

Have you done Q13 yet? Because if you haven't you can't sign-up. Done Q13? Good. Then go to the Events page (, click on the event you want to join and add your character.

Divisional Officer, Guild Leaders and Community Officers have the ability to create events. If you wish to set up an event please contact a guild officer for support. We are happy to encourage members to create and run events.