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As you've no doubt read on our other pages here in the Light Knights we keep our phasers firmly set to 'fun'. As part of this over time we have developed a number of features that help us to have this 'fun' we're always talking about .

Obviously we have this awesome forum that your currently exploring (good init?) This fulfils a number of roles, it's one of our main methods of communication and where we organise many of our events (just check out the calendar if you don't believe us), it's also the place where virtually anything that tickles our fancy gets discussed.

The other main point of communication is our Teamspeak 3 server, which is rarely empty (and once past the '9pm watershed' even more rarely 'clean'). I'm sure you've probably used TS3 or something similar for raids and stuff elsewhere - but here in the Light Knights we use it for so much more. There are several game-specific channels which are used for in game groups and raids and such like - but the real fun is to be had just chilling out and chatting away with the rest of the gang in the general channel (quite a few LKers will log into it even when they're not playing games).

Added to these features we also have our own BF3 server and Minecraft server, Steam group, Facebook page and Twitter.