Light Knights FPS Division

The Light Knights are a group of people from all parts of the planet who game together. 

As you can see we have our own BF3 server which we use for all sorts of fun events from serious war play to the silliest fun events and challenges we can think of (all suggestions welcome!)

We arrange regular weekly gaming events and plan to set up matches between other platoons/clans as we expand our player base. Wednesdays and Fridays are currently the main Battlefield 3 nights, and we also hook up for practice and random fun whenever we can.

Although we do like to win, it's not the priority and not as important as having a good time together. So don't worry if you're not a super shooter with mad skillz because we value being friendly, sociable and a good sense of humor above all. 

We are looking for good natured and fairly regular players and also possible server admins and platoon officers. So if you are reasonably mature (18+ at least), sociable, good (and dirty) sense of humor, and enjoy gaming with a beer or two, and DON'T take it all too seriously, then you will probably fit in very well!

Match List
Date Status Team Opponent Score
LK BF3 Team Rogue Troopers 0 - 0 View Details