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Fun & Friendship

The Light Knights Gaming Community is all about fun! We aim to have fun playing games, fun bantering with one another and fun achieving together. We aim to be an all inclusive community, bringing friends together through their love of games and the joy they bring. It doesn't matter how much time you play a week, it's the fun you have doing it! We have a big presence within Star Wars The Old Republic, Battlefield 3, World Of Warcraft, a kinship in Lord Of The Rings Online, and frequently play in Minecraft, World of Tanks and other games, and just about anything else going including new starters like Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. Plus we've always got our eyes on the future for new MMOs and Beta access.

We run an active Teamspeak 3 server where you can find members at any time of the day or night. The banter here can be incredibly funny, immature and smutty, with the odd bit of song thrown in.

Having said that, most of our community are mature gamers so we want to relax at the end of a a hard day whether it be working, studying or looking after the kids. And what better way to do that than with a beer, friends and some fun times playing the games you love! We do run an over-18s only policy, but that only applies to physical age, not mental!

Every year we have real-life meets where members can get to know each other and develop real, lasting friendships. Sometimes it's not always about the games...Community members have attended real life meetings for fun, weddings, birthdays and we have more planned!