Community Guidelines

As a social community built on respect, fun and friendship we do not believe in making rules for rules sake, or to restrict our members from expressing themselves and enjoying their game time. However, it is important to set clear guidelines so we all know what is not acceptable and also what is expected of each of our members. Below is a list of the basic tenets we adhere to, these have been formulated and put in place in order to protect our members and our community's reputation. 

Be an Ambassador

We are very proud of the reputation of the Light Knights. Please remember- once you join our community you are a flag bearer for your guild mates. Your actions in game, on this forum and on public forums will affect the level of respect and consideration afforded to our community.


There is no definite line in the sand here, as we all love a bit of spam, and we encourage a good bit of playful banter between members in guild/kin chat. However, once someone is deemed to have crossed this line (by at least 2 Officers) they will receive a cautionary warning, then removal from the community if excessive spamming persists.

Chat Watershed

We are a mature social gaming community. As such we aren't unfamiliar with colourful language on Team Speak or guild chat. We need to be mindful that there are members of the community who may have TS broadcasting out of their speakers, they may have younger kids within earshot or peering over someone's shoulder getting a glimpse of guild chat and there are those who can be offended by the use of certain words or phrases (in particular but not limited to c*nt, rape). With this in mind we operate a 'watershed' for TS and guild chat. This is set to 9PM UK time and we expect every member of our community to abide by this new guideline. If we find ourselves in the unfortunate position that someone is continually acting in a manner which causes concern then your Community Officer will act (in a sensible manner ) to resolve the issue.


Any form of discrimination (including, but not limited to: racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism) are strictly prohibited on these forums and in game. Anyone posting on the forums or chatting in game about any offensive, or general discriminatory material, will be immediately removed from the community and this forum. A warning may be given under exceptional circumstances, but that would be at the discretion of the officers.

Unsporting Behaviour

In specific reference to PvP conduct and looting behavour. Any member that (by their actions) adversely affects our reputation through un-sporting behaviour will receive a cautionary warning then removal from the community if these actions persist. If the offense is deemed to be sufficiently unacceptable (by at least 2 officers) instant removal from the community will occur.

Don't be Disruptive

An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, arguing within the kinship will result in removal from the community. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue, but if it reaches the point where it affects community cohesiveness then said member will receive a cautionary warning, and will then be removed from the community upon additional disruption.

Raiding and Events

Organising and running Raids and Events is not as easy task. All participants are expected to behave themselves, respect and follow instruction from the event/raid organiser, and to not overly disrupt proceedings. In reference to Raids - our loot sharing policy (and list) are available for all to read elsewhere on the forum. It is not acceptable to complain about our loot system if a member of the community has not taken the time to read and understand the system we use. If it reaches the point where a member affects community cohesiveness by virtue of complaining then said member will receive a cautionary warning, and will then be removed from the community upon additional disruption.