Guild Wars 2

A number of members in the community had previously played Guild Wars, but at a time before the Light Knights had been founded. We'll be founding a Light Knights guild in GW2 and will be open for recruitment to new members. As with all our other game divisions, we look to recruit players who are friendly, sociable, and most of all, who like to have fun whilst gaming. The majority of our community members are in the +30 age range who have very busy real lives and family commitments.  Our only requirement is that you need to be over 18.  We don't put any pressure on people to commit to being online a certain number of hours per week, yet we're organised enough to achieve group instances/dungeons/raids as and when people are available to join in. 

What we enjoy the most is rising to the challenge of exploring and discovering the world a game has to offer, vanquishing enemies (with a beer in hand), and working together to achieve awesome things, no matter how small! 

We'll keep this page updated on progress, so in the meantime please feel free to browse the rest of our forum and other gaming divisions if you want to get a feel for the community.  And if you feel like your home in GW2 might be with us...get on over to our registration page and join or hit the apply button on the left!  All races and classes are welcome.