About LK Community Support/Help Centre

The Help Centre

You can make use of it for any type of community related issue including finding out information about TeamSpeak, Community Guidelines, Website Features or anything else related to the Light Knights Gaming Community for that matter.

You may find that the question or query you have is already answered in here without having to take the next step, so we would definitely recommend looking through it for answers first. 

This resource contains a vast amount of useful information about the Light Knights Gaming Community- so use it!

The Community Support Forums

Our Community Forums are a way to view and find out important information related to newly emerging issues and Light Knights Community Officer announcements. Once you have submitted an application and become a member of the Light Knights Gaming Community, you will be able to get involved even more by taking an active role in helping both yourself and other community members in regards to any problems which arise.

To visit our Community Forums please click here. For more information about the Light Knights Gaming Community forums in general and how to use them please click here.

Contacting Community Support through www.light-knights.com

You can also contact the  Light Knights Gaming Community LKModBot and support team  via the webform located at  http://www.light-knights.com/contact . Simply complete the webform, filling in all the subject fields with the appropriate information, including a detailed description of your query, and then hit send. The LKModbot or a Community Officer will respond quickly as possible. 

Contacting  Community Support  via email
The Light Knights Gaming Community LKModBot and support team can also be contacted via email. To do so, please send an email to lightknightsgc@gmail.com, and include a detailed description of your query.