A History of the Light Knights Gaming Community
where are and where we came from

In a Galaxy, far, far away...

The roots of the Light Knights gaming community can be traced back to Star Wars Galaxies in 2004. As an active member of the Galactic Alliance guild, Oane and Wosem were involved in the establishment of a guild space squadron, called the Light Knights.

The Shadows of Angmar

The Guardians of Annuminas~Light Knights gaming community was born on the 2nd February 2008 by a small group of friends (Wosem, Raasc and Oane) who came together to form a Kinship that was to be focused around the belief that gaming should be fun and not taken too seriously. The 3 friends were old Star Wars: Galaxies veterans and upon the disbanding of their previous LOTRO Kinship, the Defenders of Anduril, came together to build a new community together.

As former Kinmates from the Defenders of Anduril joined the GoA~LK, and as we welcomed new members into the community, the community grew during its first couple of months. During spring 2008, the LOTRO Kinship entered into a raiding alliance with our close friends, The Blades of Arnor. The main purpose of the alliance was to bring together 2 likeminded Kinships and allow us both to regularly experience LOTRO PvE Raiding content. The raiding alliance was extremely successful and together, with the leadership of our PvE Raid Leader, Urgamanix, we downed [url=http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Monster:Thaurlach]Thaurlach[/url] for the first time on the 6th July 2008.

As the community grew steadily through spring and into summer 2008, and whilst the Kinship was raiding regularly though the alliance, it was decided that in order to fill in certain gaps within our class spread and to fully allow our members to experience everything LOTRO has to offer- more members were needed. 
So began the great GoA recruitment drive of 2008. Thanks to the hand work of all (Oane, Fahleen and Anenchel worthy of note)- over the Summer and Autumn months of 2008 the Kinship welcomed many new members into the community. This saw the Guardians of Annuminas grow into one of the largest Kinships on [EN]Snowbourn.

As the Kin began to run multiple raiding groups consisting solely of GoA members, the raiding alliance became less prominent and the Blades of Arnor began to form and run their own raiding groups. So ended the 'official' GoA and Blades raiding alliance. This however, was not the end in the relationship between the 2 Kinships! 

The friendships which has been developed during the many Rift runs ensure that communication between the Kinships is constant (in the form of the user defined chat channel and by the inter forum spammage). [b]Warhammer Online and the Mines of Moria[/b] September 2008 saw the community expand out of LOTRO and into the newly released Warhammer Online MMO. Orginally set up on the [EN]Axe Bite Pass server, the Black Watch, was founded by Wosem, Ithacus, Oane, Bobamir, Tinduriel and Gordan on the 26th September 2008. During December 2008, with the decreased player population on [EN]Axe Bite Pass it was decided to relocated to the Karak Azgal server. Unfortunately the Black Watch was not reformed. Maybe some day in the future the guild banner will be seen on the front lines of the Old World.