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Lord of the Rings Online

The Blades are a rank 10 kinship, formed in open beta on the Snowbourn sever and part of the Light Knights Gaming Community.

We partake in all aspects of the game and and are up for just about anything as long as it's fun. Questing, crafting, exploring, hunting, grinding, soloing, grouping, raiding, monster playing, pipeweed smoking, beer drinking, it's all good (especially the pipeweed smoking and beer drinking!). 

Our aim is to be the most friendly, easy-going and helpful kinship on the server. 

We have members from all over Europe and the rest of the world including the US, South Africa and Russia. We don't badger our members about their level or progress, we don't put demands on them to group or join events or play for 'x' number of hours a week. However most of us do enjoy grouping up and tackling larger group content. We hold our raiding nights on Thursdays and aim to tackle any of the large group content which LOTRO offers, whether that be raids, skirmishes or a pub crawl!

Generally though we're just about the game, friendship and laughs along the way. Our only membership requirement is that you're relaxed and easy-going with no e-peen issues.