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Welcome to Gingerland!

Gingerland is the home of the Light Knights in Minecraft.  Minecraft was still in its beta stages when a few of our members stumbled across it and were intruiged by what the world of blocks had to offer.  It wasn't long before an entire weekend had vanished and word soon spread about just how fantastic (and addictive) this sandbox game actually is.  If you thought blocks were boring....well, try this and think again.

Since then, we've had members hopping on and off our dedicated Minecraft server, creating, building, farming and exploring to their heart's content.  We've had altercations with creepers and partially blown up houses, caught thieving endermen black-handed, and there have been hilarious underground exploration shenanigans.  To add to this mixture of crazy fun, there have also been some pretty consistent jaw-dropping "ooohs" and "aaahs" whilst gazing at some of the amazing constructions our members have made!

Our Minecraft server is usually fairly peaceful (when grounds and buildings aren't being blown up), and is usually only frequented by a handful of people at any one time.  We have some common-sense server admin rules in place to protect people's constructions and set some ground rules for being courteous to other players.  Some of our members currently have some seriously awesome projects on the go, updates of which will appear here over time.  

We look forward to welcoming you and your imagination.