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The news area of the Light Knights website was set up in January 2013 by our crack team of contributors listed below. Our goal is to provide once/twice weekly articles covering all manner of community/gaming related topics for our members to read and discuss.

Writing and Editing Team

Ayann (News Editor)Narvia (Gfx Editor)

Ayann is a twenty-something Belgian living in Ireland, interested in all things community. While being a proper forum troll, she does also enjoy the occasional MMO, mysteriously ending up with healing characters in a variety of games. She is currently the operation leader of the imperial SWTOR guild, WoW enthusiast and LoTRO novice, battling evil while also delivering pies. She is the opinionated one that talks too much and never bites her tongue.

Narvia started her gaming experience with Adventure Games, mainly the likes of Monkey Island, Loom and the entire Myst series. Having been introduced to World of Warcraft back in 2009, Narvia has been hooked ever since. Branching out to try other MMOs in recent months, her main mission has been fun and friendship.

A Web Designer/Developer/Creative in real life, she enjoys finding awesome web art and web based graphic design and also creating her own work on the side.


Martin (aka Menesha) has been a keen gamer ever since Ikari Warriors on the Atari ST. Other passions have been Doom / Half-Life and C&C. However his real passion since 2006 has been World of Warcraft. An avid follower of the game with particular interest in the Lore and this allowed him to win the LK Community Award for Lore Freak 3 years in a row.

Outside of gaming he does have something resembling a life in which he is a fan of Movies, Martial Arts and Sport.

This is like one of those training courses where they make you get up in front of the class and tell them about how you have a wife and two children and you're on the course because your boss thinks you need to know this stuff and how you'd much rather be on a beach in Fiji.

Anyway, I have a wife, two children and... I'm a gamer. Outside of the alternate reality of gaming that is my personal retreat from work stress, I am also a foster carer - a computer geek (Cisco networks, firewalls, servers, PC's, VOIP that sort of thing). I pull things apart, I sometimes put things back together and occasionally I do a bit of digital painting.


His first true "online" gaming experience was with MechWarrior 4 back in the Dial-Up days, this was the sole reason for online community gaming becoming a day to day part of his life. From that point onward, many games have eaten away at the last decade or so, from Final Fantasy XI (his first MMO) Medal of Honor: AA (his first true FPS) through Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and many other MMO franchises along the way not forgetting his favourite game of all time Neocron. The FPS side of things followed the same time line- Call of Duty, Battlefield and their Xpacs/Revamps.

So is HostileSmoka MMO or FPS, if asked he would say "MMO with FPS thrown in for stress relief".

Garrett's always been a gamer ever since he was just a little boy. He's played a couple of MMOs so far: Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic and now recently Lord of the Rings Online. However his real passion lies in the single player RPGs, especially those made by Bioware: Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age and his absolute favourite game of all time: the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Outside of gaming Garrett enjoys banging his head to the noise of an electric guitar and of course drinking lots and lots of mighty fine Belgian beer.

Oane is the Community Manager for the Light Knights. He has been a gamer since the late 80's and addicted to MMOs since 2004. Oane is partnered in the mortal realm by Gill (aka Aeth in the LK). They live in Somerset and occasionally indulge in the local cider.

 Outside of gaming Oane's main passion is home brewing and he has provided ales for many of the Light Knights social events.