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Welcome to the Light Knights Gaming Community application form. As a warm and open social gaming guild we are always interested in welcoming new members into our community. We do not ask anything of our members other than: 

  • you are 18 or over. Due to the general age of our members and the level of some conversations/threads we have on this board (which can contain adult themes), we only accept applicants who are at least 18 years old.

If you have done your research and feel that the Light Knights community suits you, will provide you with the kind of gaming environment you desire and that you are capable of representing our community to the required high standard please complete the application forum below. 


We appreciate the application can seem a little formal but its an important part of our recruitment process. It will only take a few minutes of your time to complete and helps us ensure we end up with like minded people for our community. The application form is our way of ensuring we stay the friendly, mature, politics free group we are today, and to ensure that you find the home that you have been looking for. 

Please provide as much information as possible on the form. Although we are unlikely to reject an application due to the level of effort which has been applied to an app, it will provide a much better picture of who you are, therefor making it easier for us all to 'break the ice' and in turn will most likely effect the votes which will be made at the end of your trial period. 

Once your form has been submitted an Officer will contact you ingame in order to invite you to the guild. We will also upgrade your forum access and unlock our private boards. This will mark the beginning of your trial - which we aim to run for at least 2 weeks ( or until we feel like there has been ample time to allow for us all to become familiair with each other). Promotion to full member will be dependent on a forum vote open to all 'full' members of the community. Once the vote has been carried out you will be promoted to full member both in-game and on the forum. 

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