Community Structure

Within the Light Knights no rank is 'higher' than any other. Some members of the community have different roles and responsibilities to ensure we maintain the direction and environment which we want. Some of these members also help with 'behind-the-scenes' administration tasks which are required to keep the forum, in-game guilds and servers running smoothly. Ultimately, our philosophy is that we are all friends who have a say in the management of the community, and all members are equal.

The more our members contribute to our community by getting involved in discussions, ideas, suggestions, but most of all - having fun - the better our community becomes. And if members do have any skills they can volunteer to help the running of our community, then we consider that a huge bonus.

To indicate the different roles/responsibilities on our forum ranks, we have employed the rank icons used by the Rebel Alliance Navy in the Star Wars universe. As the original 'Light Knights' was a space combat squadron in Star Wars Galaxies we feel this fits very well with our heritage. This should provide an 'at-a-glance' view of the various responsibilities some of our members have and provides a structure in which tasks and responsibilities are equally shared. We are always extremely thankful to have such great members giving up their time and using their skills to help the community!

admiralCommunity Elder/MngrlieutenantCommunity Member
vice admiralCommunity OfficerlieutenantServer Admin
captainDivision LeaderlieutenantAlliance Member
majorDivision Officer