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In the World of Warcraft, the Light Knights Gaming Community (LKGC) have 2 guilds. On our 'home' PvE server, EU Hellscream, we have The Alliance guild 'Light Knights' and The Horde guild 'The Shadow Knightz'.

Light Knights

The Light Knights in World of Warcraft were formed back in Wrath of the Lich King and with group dedicated players we progressed through the content, both new and and old - but more importantly with a combination of smut, epic failure and sometimes even brilliance we had as much fun as possible.

As with all our other divisions we are not a hardcore guild, we do accept that people have commitments outside of the gaming world with work, families and - god help us - a social life. So fun is our aim. You want a guild where we have crazy events from Baby Escorts to naked Dungeon runs. A guild were failure is not only accepted it is more often than not expected. Then the Light Knights is the guild for you.

Don't worry about your gear, achievements or level because our only requirement is that you are a nice person. Checkout one of our most epic nights by watching this kill of Halfus on 25 man or video of our first year in WoW below.

The Shadow Knightz

The Shadow Knightz is the LK Alt Horde guild. Although not as active as our Alliance guild, we do like to provide a home for any member of the community who has a Horde character.